The lawn mower is an indispensable tool for all gardeners and for the maintenance of your lawn .However, with all the offers available on the market, it is not always easy to know which model to choose. Here we will list precisely the different models available, from the manual mower to the automated robot , find out what type of mower best fits your expectations.


This mower is used mainly for flat and small areas . It has a helical blade , is devoid of motor and therefore works silently with the strength of your body. It requires almost no maintenance, is easy to handle and store. However, it has no picking system, can not cut tall grass and damages the lawn when the soil is wet .    It is a material that is ecological , inexpensive and is made for small areas not exceeding 300 m².


These mowers are suitable for medium surface areas (from 300 m² to 600 m²) and come in two versions: with or without wire .  They simply start with a button, do not pollute , allow easy maintenance and have the advantage of being silent .    Cordless mowers are equipped with batteries that provide approximately 45 minutes of battery life , which is ample for medium-sized and barrier-free terrain. Generally these mowers are delivered with two batteries (one in use and the other incharge for twice more autonomy). They therefore offer an unequaled comfort of use but are less powerful than those with wire Lawn mowers with wire are therefore preferred for  relatively sloping land s, of average size and without barriers to prevent the thread does clutter everywhere. Remember to equip you with extensions for optimal use of your machine.


These mowers are the most famous machines, they are equipped with autonomy and a significant power . However, they are notenvironmentally friendly , are noisy and require a lot of maintenance .    They are used mainly on flat land and extensive gardens with an area of ​​up to 2000m². There are also towed versions whose driving wheels will advance it and you will just have to direct it. They are even more practical than “basic” thermal mowersfor dealing with large areas or steep terrain .    The engines of these mowers are now 4-stroke engines that only work on gasoline (the old two-stroke models ran on gasoline and oil).


These mowers also called mowing tractors are the first choice for large gardens . They have a driving seat , chassis andsteering . In addition, the cutting width is the most important of all types of mowers. They are extremely maneuverable ,powerful and comfortable but cost more.  There are two models of self-mounted mowers: the tractor or the rider . The difference between these two models lies in the position of the mower deck : for the rider it is at the front while for the tractor, it is in the center.    The rider is very handy and offers almost perfect visibility , so it is recommended for surfaces with many obstacles.    The mower is self-supporting, but is intended for land areas greater than 2000 m² . The cutting width is greater (from 67 cm to more than 1 m), the grass ejection is done on the sides or back depending on the models, it can also be equipped with a collection tray grass or a mulching function . However, these mowers consume a great deal of fuel and require careful and regular maintenance to ensure proper operation and a long service life.


Fon ctionnant as robot vacuums, these automatic mowers can mow your lawn and collect grass in your absence. Fully electric, they are autonomous, silent and roam the area to mow randomly while crisscrossing your land.    Once mowing is complete, this mower will automatically return to its base and  recharge itself .    But these machines also have negative points: at first their cost, count 1500 € minimum for this kind of technology, they are very slow (5 to 6 hours of work), your pitch should not be steep (maximum 3%) and its configuration should not becomplex for optimal mowing.    For more information on lawnmowers, read our article on how to choose your lawn mower . For an optimal mowing!